About Enterexe

Expertise. Quality. Сustomer care.
Who Is Enterexe?
We are an international team focused on achieving the goals of educational institutions and companies that are constantly improving their technologies of collaboration, education and science. In our work, we use the best IT solutions available on the world markets to serve our customers, adapt and integrate these solutions to the needs of customers and their infrastructure.

We know that only the cutting-edge solutions can bring significant benefits to our customers. The results that we get from such collaboration inspire us to go and develop further. This allows us to be in good shape and not stop for a minute.
Enterexe's Company Story
Enterexe was created in 2004 as a company that fully focused on implementing technology for training in universities and corporations. At the beginning of its journey, the company became a partner of Microsoft and Ellucian (former Sunguard Higher Education). Already in 2007, a partnership was signed with Blackboard, which is a world leader in the development of distance learning systems. A year later, in 2008, our team became the Best global partner of Blackboard. In 2009, we partnered with VTLS, which came under the control of Innovative (a ProQuest Company now), a global leader in library management systems development.

In 2012, we expanded our field of activity, including providing services for schools and colleges. The expanding range of our clients ' tasks has led to the need to increase the flexibility of our solutions. To do this, we have expanded our product line with open source products. Our product portfolio includes leading open source products such as Canvas LMS, BigBlueButton, Koha, Opencast, Dspace, Pentaho BI and others.

Currently, our clients receive a full set of outsourcing services for the development of new functionality, as well as a full set of implementation and integration services, including requirements analysis, design, development, implementation and maintenance of information systems for training, collaboration and research.
Our Values
Сontinuous development
We are constantly focused on the development of our clients, our clients ' clients and ourselves through the use of advanced technological solutions. We do not stand still, we invest a lot in R&D, and then share the results achieved.
We're all about building meaningful relationships based on trust, respect and mutual success - whether they're we and the customer, we and partners, we and the rest of the world. We provide our top-level services and are ready to share the success of our partnership.
We are open to new ideas, new partnerships and new opportunities. In our work, we strive to use open platforms, as well as use open standards and methodologies for developing, implementing and maintaining our solutions.
We use agile approaches to planning, pricing, and organizing the projects we perform. We understand that modern life and work are made up of constantly changing circumstances. Flexibility is the key to success.
No matter what is at stake – fulfilling project commitments, achieving life goals, challenging questions and finding answers to them – we know that being reliable is not just words, but the Foundation for sustainable development of any undertaking.
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Our portfolio includes hundreds of projects and proven implementation methodologies. We are happy to get involved in the work and solve problems of any complexity.

When evaluating a project, key parameters are taken into account, such as the scale of implementation, functionality refinement, integration level, and the need for training and support.

The cost of our services is based on a clear price model, so that we always ensure the most effective way to complete the project.
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Fill out the form to clarify product information or to request the cost of outsourcing, implementation and integration services: