Expanding a Number of Online Broadcast Viewers by Using Wowza

in a Large Bank
online broadcasts per year
viewers per online broadcasts
Main Goal
Increasing the availability of online broadcasts of important corporate or educational events through the implementation of mechanisms that ensure the steady distribution of online video (up to 100,000 viewers at the same time), as well as providing viewing of video broadcasts from any type of modern device.
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Main Сhallenges
Comparative Analysis
Analysis of the best world experience of using platforms for the distribution of online broadcasts.
Implementation of a solution for receiving, processing and distributing a video signal based on Wowza Engine software.
Staff training: content writers, editors, and information security managers.
Flexible Scaling
Provided the ability to scale the number of viewers of online broadcasts by connecting Wowza Engine software to CDN networks.
Ensured seamless integration of Wowza Engine software with video sources for video broadcasts.
Maintenance of the system by the bank's specialists was provided.
Organizational procedures for providing video broadcasts and information security have been implemented.
The project was implemented within two months, taking into account analysis, platform selection, design, implementation and training. The project provides a contract for 12 months of after-project support. The project team included an architect and systems engineers.
Wowza Engine software was integrated with CDN networks to deliver content worldwide.
Information security of video broadcasts was provided at the level of software technologies and at the level of server equipment.
Required characteristics of the system during the test phase were confirmed.
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