BigBlueButton vs Zoom: Risks Reduction

The Project at a Private College

2,000 students
130 employees
administrative staff
classes online during pandemic
Main Goal
The goal of the project is to increase the information security of educational and administrative processes by replacing the current Zoom solution, which has undergone Zoom-bombing attacks during the coronavirus, with a new secure platform for video training.
Main Сhallenges
Platform Independence
Creation of their own system for video learning of students in study groups of up to 100 people on the basis of the BigBlueButton platform, operated on their own AWS virtual servers.
Full Adaptation
Full adaptation of the BigBlueButton platform to the internal educational processes of the college.
Removing Barriers
Removing barriers to start using the online platform - BigBlueButton works through any popular browser.
Improve Quality
Creation of a system for video recording of online classes to improve the quality.
Before the start of the project, the supervisory board of the college formulated the following challenges:
Seamless integration of BigBlueButton platform with Canvas LMS e-Learning system and Jenzabar learning management system was provided.
The security of video training was ensured at the level of software technology, and server equipment, and procedures for managing video training were ensured.
All college teachers have the ability to create an unlimited number of online sessions of any length.
Convenient access to videos of online classes for teachers, students and administrative staff has been provided.
The project was implemented within two weeks, taking into account design and implementation. Implementation and integration were carried out completely remotely. The project team included an architect, programmer, systems engineer, and an instructor to train teachers.

Thanks to the effective organization of design work, the following results were achieved in a short time:
All audio and video connections between teachers and students are protected by end-to-end SSl encryption, guaranteeing reliable transmission and safety of classes.
Provided full-featured remote collaboration on any device used by students and teachers: on a desktop, tablet, smartphone.
Software Integrated with BigBlueButton
e-Learning software
Student information software
Canvas LMS
Platforms We Use
Canvas LMS, Blackboard Learn, Saba
Learning management systems
Opencast, Echo360, Kaltura
Video broadcasting and recording solutions
Microsoft Office and Google Gmail
Online email services
Ellucian Banner, Jenzabar
Student information systems
Pentaho BI, Microsoft Power BI
Business intelligence systems
CRM software
iSpring, Flipping Book
Authoring toolkits
uPortal, WordPress
Portal platforms
Koha, Sierra and VTLS Virtua
Library management solution
Library discovery system
Microsoft MIM, Oracle IDM
Identity manager system
Electronical resource repository
BigBlueButton, Blackboard Collaborate
Web conferencing software
SSO management system
Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure
Web hosting
Virtualization software
VMWare, KVM, Hyper-V
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