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Quick Installing and Running Free and Secure BigBlueButton Software

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We help customers to improve their productivity through the implementation of the freeware BigBlueButton video conferencing and online training software. With that help, our customers expand the composition and quality of the services provided, increase the reach of their audience, increase the level of security of online interactions, and reduce the cost of licensing and operating existing paid software, such as Adobe Connect, Blackboard Collaborate, WebEx, Zoom.

The BigBlueButton platform is recommended by the manufacturer of the Canvas LMS platform, which is a leader in the creation of distance learning systems, as the main system for online training and collaboration.
Basic Services
1. Deployment of BigBlueButton.
2. Configure backup.
3. Training and methodological support.
4. Administrator training.
Optional Services
1. Deploying the server infrastructure: fault tolerance, load balancing, crash recovery, or setting up AWS virtual infrastructure.
2. Ensuring the quality of broadcast video for a large number of users by connecting CDN-networks.
3. Implementation of SSO, seamless integration with LMS and CMS Canvas, Blackboard Learn, Moodle, WordPress.
4. Development of additional functionality of BigBlueButton.
5. Technical support and monitoring of the use of BigBlueButton.
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Building an e-Learning System Based on BigBlueButton and Canvas LMS Software
Integration of BigBlueButton Web Conferencing Software into Canvas LMS
Integration of BigBlueButton Web Conferencing Software into Blackboard Learn
Eliminating the Expenses for Adobe Connect, Blackboard Collaborate, WebEx, Zoom Licenses by Replacing Them with BigBlueButton
For Education
Provides an opportunity for teachers and students to carry out convenient online learning in video or audio conference mode.

Remote Collaboration
Provides remote collaboration in groups using video and audio, as well as joint viewing of any programs, including browsers, office software, etc.

Cost Reduction
BigBlueButton is distributed free of charge under an open source license; there are no obligatory payments for licensing, subscriptions to services and support.
Ease to Use
To use BigBlueButton, you do not need to install any additional applications on your computer or on smartphones or tablets (unlike Teams, Skype, Zoom, WebEx).
Increased Security
Deployed on your servers in the office or in a private cloud, remaining only under your control. All online sessions and their records are encrypted and, if necessary, are stored only with you and only under your control (unlike Zoom, WebEx).

Flexibility and Integrability
BigBlueButton is open source, which allows developers to ensure the development of the platform without any restrictions, as well as integrate it with external systems.
Six reasons
Zoom: The FBI issued a warning to the public about the "hijacking" of online classrooms and teleconferences, The New York City Department of Education, which runs the largest school district in the country, said teachers should no longer use Zoom (

Zoom: While Zoom claimed it used "end to end encryption" to protect calls, that claim was misleading (

Microsoft Teams: Sometimes Teams cause huge CPU and Memory spikes and one can see the software lag on people's PC's seeming for no reason (
Blackboard Collaborate: It costs much more than our other webinar software (
Adobe Connect: Without multiple screens, you can't really see the room while you are screen sharing, making it harder to monitor chat, and, I think, not possible to see others' webcams (
Cisco Webex: Proprietary formats for media sharing and meeting recordings; Initial download requires administrator privileges (
Why educational institutions and companies are switching from other solutions to BigBlueButton:
Key characteristics
The most functional, user-friendly, and secure software for online video training and collaboration in the free software segment.
We provide a full range of services for the implementation of the software, including strategic planning, user engagement.
The software is distributed on the principles of free open-source software. Customers can use our implementation and support services.
The software provides flexible customization options and unlimited opportunities for developing and adjusting open-source software.
We implement this "turnkey" software product in educational organizations and companies, and include additional training programs.
Post-project support of the software can be carried out by consultations on request or via comprehensive support.
Reducing Security Risks: Moving from Zoom to BigBlueButton
Reducing security risks of online education in a college with 2,000 students by switching from an external Zoom service to BigBlueButton software hosted on their own servers.
The Project of BigBlueButton Web Conferencing Software Implementation
Increasing the competitiveness of a university with 30,000 students to the level of a world class' university by implementing the BigBlueButton video learning software.
Implementing BigBlueButton Software for Project Teams
Improving the efficiency of a joint distributed project of a construction company by ensuring the mobility of 440 employees while maintaining information security guarantees.
Anti-crisis Cost Reduction: from Adobe Connect to BigBlueButton
Anti-crisis reduction of monthly license fees for online video classes at a technical university with 20,000 students by replacing the external Adobe Connect with BigBlueButton software.
About BigBlueButton
Chat Module
Users Module
The BigBlueButton project started at Carleton University in 2007. BigBlueButton is an open source web conferencing system for online learning. The goal of the project is to provide remote students a high-quality online learning experience. Among other similar open source web conferencing systems, BigBlueButton is the most developed in terms of available functionality, which is confirmed by high ranking positions in comparative tests.

The main functional blocks of the BigBlueButton software include the following:
Screenshare Sharing
Phone Module
Videoconference Module
Present Module
Whiteboard Module
Shared Notes Module
Polling Module
Caption Module
Integrated Platforms
Amazon data center services
Content delivery networks
Opencast, Kaltura
Video broadcasting and recording solutions
Blackboard Learn, Canvas LMS, Moodle
e-Learning software
Ellucian Banner, Jenzabar
Student information systems
uPortal, WordPress
Web portal/site platforms
Top BigBlueButton Users
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Our portfolio includes hundreds of projects and proven implementation methodologies. We are happy to get involved in the work and solve problems of any complexity.

When evaluating a project, key parameters are taken into account, such as the scale of implementation, functionality refinement, integration level, and the need for training and support.

The cost of our services is based on a clear price model, so that we always ensure the most effective way to complete the project.
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