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Quick Installation and Launch of the Leading Blackboard Learn LMS Software
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We help our clients increase the effectiveness of educational, scientific and administrative activities through the introduction of advanced Blackboard Learn software, which is the most functionally developed in the area of Learning Management Systems. With this product, our customers expand the composition and quality of services provided, and increase the reach of students.

Using our experience and Blackboard Learn implementation capabilities will allow you to quickly provide your users with a set of full-featured online services.
Basic Services
1. Planning a project using a proven LMS implementation methodology.
2. Deploying Blackboard Learn on customers' servers.
3. Training and methodological support for teachers, methodologists, and technical specialists.
Optional Services
1. Designing a scalable and fault-tolerant software and hardware infrastructure.
2. Deploying a scalable and fault-tolerant server infrastructure.
3. Switching to Blackboard Learn from legacy LMS currently used, including Moodle, Canvas LMS, Brightspace, etc.
4. Development of additional functionality based on other open-source products: BigBlueButton, Dspace, Opencast, etc.
5. Training and methodological support for teachers, methodologists, and technical specialists.
6. Technical support and monitoring of system use.
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LMS Implementation Services
Key characteristics
The most functional software for e-Learning with the best in its segment LMS, web conferencing, mobile solutions, extensions and SaaS.
We provide a full range of services for the implementation of the software, including strategic planning, and student engagement.
The product is distributed on a payment scale whose cost depends on the number of students, the number of modules used, and the period of licensing.
The software provides flexible functionality settings. The development of additional features is ensured by the build-in open API.
We implement the "turnkey" software in educational organizations and companies, and can include additional training programs.
Post-project support of the software can be carried out via consultations on request or with a system of comprehensive support.
An Integrated e-Learning Solution Based on Blackboard Learn
Development of a unified management system for the classical university with 50,000 students through a full-scale implementation of an integrated e-Learning platform called Blackboard.
Use of New Training Approaches with Blackboard Learn
Applying new approaches based on Blackboard Learn to conduct mass and high-quality training in the largest mining and metallurgical holding with 80,000 employees.
About Blackboard Learn
Blackboard is a world leader in the creation and implementation of e-Learning systems. Among other similar solutions, the Blackboard software platform is the most developed in terms of functionality, as evidenced by high places in key industry ratings, as well as an extensive customer base with more than 37,000 customers in 114 countries. Blackboard solutions are used by most of the TOP-200 best universities in the world according to the World University Rankings Times Higher Education (THE).

The main functional blocks of Blackboard are:
Blackboard Learn
System of electronic support for the educational process, designed to create e-courses, online training and knowledge testing, and decision support in the field of academic policy.
Blackboard Collaborate
Online video training system designed for real-time classes, and online communication for teachers and students.
Blackboard Mobile
Family of mobile applications for students and teachers designed for the management of teaching and learning.
Integrated Platforms
Web conferencing
Electronical resource repository
Opencast, Echo360
Video broadcasting and recording solutions
Microsoft Office and Google Gmail
Online email services
Ellucian Banner, Jenzabar
Student information systems
Pentaho BI, Microsoft Power BI
Business intelligence systems
EMC Documentum
Document workflow system
CRM software
iSpring, Flipping Book
Authoring toolkits
uPortal, IBM WebSphere
Portal platforms
Koha, Sierra and VTLS Virtua
Library management solution
Library discovery system
Microsoft Active Directory
LDAP software
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Our portfolio includes hundreds of projects and proven implementation methodologies. We are happy to get involved in the work and solve problems of any complexity.

When evaluating a project, key parameters are taken into account, such as the scale of implementation, functionality refinement, integration level, and the need for training and support.

The cost of our services is based on a clear price model, so that we always ensure the most effective way to complete the project.
Fill out the form to clarify product information or to request the cost of outsourcing, implementation and integration services:
Fill out the form to clarify product information or to request the cost of outsourcing, implementation and integration services:
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