Use of New Training Approaches with Blackboard Learn

80,000 employees
at the Largest Mining and Metallurgical Corporation
110 trainers
training programs
Main Goal
Implementation of new approaches to ensure high-quality corporate training in the largest mining and metallurgical holding with 80,000 employees
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Main Сhallenges
Technological Development
Creation of a technological platform for the development of new educational services in the university's data center.
Providing employees and trainers with new opportunities for learning and remote collaboration.
Providing management of the organization with a unified toolkit for management of educational processes.
Mobile Access
Providing employees and trainers of organization with convenient learning services via mobile devices: smartphones, tablets.
Before the start of the project, the supervisory board of the university formulated the following challenges:
Deployed Blackboard Learn on virtual servers in customer's data center.
Provided employees and trainers with the most developed, but at the same time flexible and convenient functionality.
A unified learning environment was created for all courses, regardless of the type of devices used (smartphones, tablets, desktops).
Blackboard Learn was integrated with other university systems - more than 70 integration processes in total.
The project was implemented within four months, taking into account design and implementation. The contract provided for 12 months of post-project support for the system and trainers. The project team included architects, UX developers, programmers, testers, consultants, instructors, and trainers.

Due to the effective organization of design work, the following results were achieved in a short time:
All 110 trainers were trained in the skills of using Blackboard Learn during the project.
The administration of the organization received an integrated tool for managing training processes.
Integrated Systems
ERP system
Microsoft Active Directory
LDAP software
Microsoft Exchange
Online email services
Video broadcasting and recording solution
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