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Quick Installing and Running Free Opencast Video Solution

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We help customers improve their productivity by implementing open-source Opencast software for recording, managing and distributing media content. Hence, our customers expand the composition and quality of the services provided, increase the reach of their audience and reduce the cost of licensing and operating existing software, for example Kaltura.

Using our experience and the ability to implement Opencast will allow you to provide your audience with a set of full-featured online services in the shortest amount of time.
Basic Services
1. Planning a project of implementation or migration from an inherited video management system, such as Kaltura, using a proven methodology.
2. Designing fault-tolerant software and hardware architecture.
3. Deploying scalable and fault-tolerant server infrastructure, including deployment of the system on AWS.
4. The transition to the use of Opencast from existing legacy ILS, including Kaltura, Echo 360, etc.
5. Developing additional functional modules (for example, support for Virtual Reality / 360 on all types of devices), and analytical reports.
6. Integration of Opencast with existing information systems.
7. Training and methodological support for administrators and technical specialists.
8. Technical support and monitoring of system use.
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Key characteristics
The most functional and popular software for recording and broadcasting video in the free software arena. There are numerous extensions.
We provide a full range of services for the implementation of the software, including strategic planning, and user engagement.
The software is distributed on the principles of free open-source software. Customers can use our implementation and support services.
The software provides flexible customization options and unlimited opportunities for developing and adjusting open-source software.
We implement the "turnkey" software in educational organizations and companies, and include additional training programs.
Post-project support of the software can be carried out via consultations on request or by arranging comprehensive support.
The Project of Implementation of Opencast Video Solution
Development of the content management and training system by implementing Opencast video management solution with VR/360 technology in a huge bank with 280,000 employees.
Engaging Students in Using e-Learning System Via Opencast
Engaging 50,000 university students in the use of the existing e-Learning system by implementing and integrating the Opencast video recording solution in all 400 classrooms.
About Opencast
Opencast software was created as part of The Opencast software project, jointly implemented by a community of 13 universities from the USA and Europe. The first release of Opencast software was developed in 2010. Opencast software is an open source solution designed to create, manage and distribute audio and video content with special attention to video recording of educational and social events. Currently, there are over 200 installations of Opencast software in the world.

The main functional blocks of the Opencast platform:
Allows you to pre-plan the period of automatic realization of audio or video recordings.
Workflow Management
Provides a flexible infrastructure for managing workflows, including the enrichment of video metadata, preview images, logos, subtitles and text comments to make video recordings more understandable.
Live Streaming
Allows you to conduct live video broadcasts for large user audiences.
Offers a linear video editor that edits and synchronizes audio and video streams so that they are fully synchronized.
Allows organizations to publish video recordings for future viewing by consumers, as well as upload and publish recordings to iTunes U and YouTube.
Provides administrators with tools to configure the system, perform bulk edits of content and metadata, monitor the status and performance of the system, as well as a means of distributing video content.
Can be used as a stand-alone application or integrated into other applications, such as blogs, directories or content management systems. It includes slide segmentation and text search in video.
Supports analytics such as user profiles, recording and playback of audio and video content.
Integrated Platforms
Data center services
Content delivery networks
Authentication software
Koha, Sierra and VTLS Virtua
Library management software
Electronical resource repository
Pentaho BI, Microsoft Power BI
Business intelligence systems
Ellucian Banner, Jenzabar
Student information systems
uPortal, IBM WebSphere
Portal platforms
Top Opencast Users
Zero block
Click „Block Editor” to enter the edit mode. Use layers, shapes and customize adaptability. Everything is in your hands.
Tilda Publishing
create your own block from scratch
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Our portfolio includes hundreds of projects and proven implementation methodologies. We are happy to get involved in the work and solve problems of any complexity.

When evaluating a project, key parameters are taken into account, such as the scale of implementation, functionality refinement, integration level, and the need for training and support.

The cost of our services is based on a clear price model, so that we always ensure the most effective way to complete the project.
Fill out the form to clarify product information or to request the cost of outsourcing, implementation and integration services:
Fill out the form to clarify product information or to request the cost of outsourcing, implementation and integration services:
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