The Project of Implementation of Opencast Video Solution

280,000 employees
with Virtual Reality/360 Technology at a Large Bank
1,200 educational videos
source video cameras
Main Goal
Development of the capabilities of the content management system operated by a very large bank with 280,000 employees, by expanding the functionality that provides recording, management, and distribution of video content, and provided support for Virtual Reality / 360 technology.
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Main Сhallenges
Comparative Analysis
Comparative analysis and analysis of the best world experience in using platforms for recording and managing video.
Video Solution
Created video solution for recording, managing and distributing video content based on the selected Opencast platform.
Removed Barriers
Removed barriers to start using the online platform - Opencast works through any popular browser.
Long-term Plans
Implemented long-term plans to create a new type of Virtual Reality / 360 content for training bank employees.
Ensured seamless integration of Opencast software with content management system and other legacy systems of the bank.
Prepared and posted videos in the Opencast system: this is carried out manually by bank employees or automatically from video cameras operating in the bank.
Information security of video training was provided at the level of software technology and server equipment, and ensures procedures for access to video content.
The project was implemented within nine months, taking into account analysis, platform selection, design, implementation and training. The project provides a contract for 24 months of post-project maintenance. Integration with inherited bank systems was implemented using web-services technology, REST API. The project team included an architect, programmers, systems engineers, and testers.
Provided users with access to video content on any device: on a desktop, tablet, smartphone, on VR / 360 helmets or glasses.
Provided convenient search and access to training videos by bank employees.
Maintenance of the system by the bank's specialists in the field of information security was provided.
Software Integrated with Opencast
Electronical resource repository/Knowledge base
Microsoft Active Directory
LDAP software
e-Learning software for corporates
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